Brela is one of the most visited and popular destinations in Dalmatia. They are marked by spectacular natural beauty, clean sea and long sandy beaches. Decades of tourism development in this special place, reflected in the modern hotels, tourist complexes and numerous activities for tourists who decided to spend their vacation in Brela.

Brela is located only 15 km from Makarska and 50 km from Split, the center of the Dalmatian coast. For a long excursion you can choose Dubrovnik, only 170 km away, or you can visit the nearby Bosnia and Herzegovina and city of Mostar , located 120 km from Brela.
During the summer days this pearl of Makarska Riviera hosts variety of concerts, exhibitions, summer theater, fairs and manifestations like popular Fishermen’s nights.
The symbol of Brela is undoubtedly the beach Punta Rata that the American magazine Forbes included in the list of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, placed on a high 6. place. It was also named the most beautiful beach in Europe. Here you will find the symbol of Brela – Brela Rock that went around the world on many postcards and photographs.

Besides the famous beach of Punta Rata, you can choose between a small and picturesque little beaches and rocky beaches for a more active holiday, where you can jump from the cliff, enjoy a drink at the beach bar or sunbathe on the magical white sand. The crystal clear sea in Brela has the biggest international recognition of clean sea and environment – the Blue flag waving at the three beaches (Punta Rata, Berulija and Stomarica).
In Brela you can enjoy the rich history, their many churches, valuable remnants of Napoleon road drywall, or a complex of buildings Bekavci-Ivandić, which is protected as a cultural monument. Be sure to visit one of the oldest buildings in this area, the church of St. Nicholas, which is believed to have been constructed in 13. century.

    You can also spend time driving kayak or driving a bike on the numerous bike paths around Makarska Riviera and the Mountain Biokovo. One-day excursions by boat to nearby Brač and Hvar are organized every day.

    Brela is famous around the world for the hospitality of its inhabitants who have a long tradition in offering comfortable accommodation in apartments and rooms, houses and villas, with a rich offer of traditional Dalmatian cuisine.